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Simple and accurate data collection

Masterplan Data Collection allows you to accurately track and analyze time and attendance information. Utilizing barcode readers on your shop floor will significantly reduce errors. Real-time job costs are available when you need them. The Data Collection system can also be configured to send messages and alerts to the appropriate people such as: cost overrun, scrap, rework and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your shop and collect accurate and relevant data.

Accurate Job Costs

Accurately track employee time and materials issued to each job. The extensive reporting allows you to see where you made money and where you lost. Estimated vs. actual and efficiency reports gives you the information you need to make decisions.

Alerts and Messaging

Different alerts and messages can be customized in the system. For example the quality and production managers can be alerted when a piece of material is scrapped and needs a non-conformance report created.

Issue Stock

Inventory and raw material can be allocated through the data collection screens. Mobile devices can also be used to issue stock.

Paperless Shop Floor

The data collection is integrated with the master schedule. The work center dispatch list alerts the user of the next job to run. Tablets can also be used on the shop floor to streamline operations.

Tooling Usage

Tools entered in the calibration system can be marked as used for the job. Reports can be accessed to see how many times a particular tool was used and what jobs it was used on.

Track Scrap and Rework

Scrap and rework are tracked within the data collection system. When an item is scrapped, a non-conformance report is generated. Once the disposition is determined, a rework job can be created.