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Accurate estimates are no longer a struggle

Estimating cost is an important step towards determining the profit margin of that job. This critical step is one of the most overlooked in the manufacturing industry. An estimator working without the aid of estimating software is required to manually keep track of countless figures and calculations. This method of estimating can take countless hours and leave the estimator mentally drained from the many tedious and repetitious tasks required to keep relevant statistics organized, easily accessible, and accurate.

Estimate Analysis

Drill down into the cost for each quantity estimated. Estimating integrates with the master schedule to accurately estimate a delivery date.

Supplier Price Breaks

Multiple level supplier pricing can be entered in the estimate to improve accuracy when estimating large quantity breaks.

Transfer to Item Master

Estimates can be easily transfered to the Item Master. Once the estimate becomes a master item, it can be sold and produced.


Each item type can be configured to use formulas to calculate cost. Whether that item is a spring or piece of raw material, the calculations are setup to allow the user to enter dimensions to calculate weight or volume etc.