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Simplify and control your inventory

Get a handle on your inventory and keep costly items to a minimum. Track inventory consumption and analyze potential problems. Detailed purchase order histories enable you to track supplier and cost information. Masterplan uses barcodes to assure accuracy when removing items from inventory. Inventory is updated automatically when purchase order items are received from your suppliers or production orders have been marked complete.

Bills of Material

Multi level bills of material can be created. You can access the exploded BOM to view the items at all levels.

Cycle Counts

Cycle counts can be setup based on time or usage intervals. Alerts can be setup to notify when a cycle count should occur.


The MRP functionality is integrated with the inventory module. Items can be setup per MRP Controller and also planning method. This data feeds the MRP Workbench, order recommendations and also available-to-promise functions.

Replenish Methods

Inventory can be replenished by setting up planned purchase intervals, minimum stock levels and also can be purchased or produced per order.


Inventory can be tracked at the level of detail that you need. Lot, serial, heat number and expiration dates can easly be tracked.