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Manage raw materials more accurately

Masterplan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to take charge of every aspect from interaction with your current customers to ensure quality customer service to generating new sales leads. Masterplan CRM allows you to communicate better with customers throughout the entire order process. Analyze new sales leads from searching national, regional and local corporate databases by area code, zip code, SIC code, state and county. Track each interaction with the potential sales leads through out the whole duration until the sale has been secured.

Dimensional Inventory

Item types can be customized to use dimensions.

Certs for Material

Attach your raw material certs for traceability.

Heat Number Tracking

Heat numbers are tracked from the initial goods receipt throughout the whole manufacturing process. Reports can be generated to find out what projects used a specfic heat number, when and where you ordered the material from. Also, electronic material certs can be attached to each material item.

Material Drops

Raw material drops can be tracked within the system. When allocating raw material to a job, the system will return the drop back into inventory.

MRP Integration

Material tracking is integrated with the MRP Workbench. When the MRP runs, it checks all requirements for material and allows those items to be combined onto one purchase order.

Smartphones and handhelds

While on the shop floor, you can use your smartphone, handheld device or tablet to make raw material transactions and look up current stock.