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Quality control made easy

Track all aspects of your quality control process. Get a handle on your rework costs and drill down into the data to see how some of the non-conforming parts can be prevented. Keep tabs on your suppliers to make sure you are receiving good parts and excellent service.

Customer and Supplier Returns

Customer returns can be returned to stock or a rework order can be issued to fix the non-conforming item. From the return, a credit memo can be created. Likewise the supplier return can initiate a debit memo.

Document Control

Electronic documents can be attached to items. Revisions of these documents are also able to be tracked.

Non-Conformance Reports

NCRs can be generated from the data collection system. Once an operator allocates an item non-conforming, the NCR will be generated. Depending on the disposition, a rework order can be created and the cost can be easily tracked.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance orders can be scheduled based on time or usage intervals. Usage hours are derived from the data collection time entries. Material and labor can be allocated to mantenance orders.

Rework Orders

Rework orders are generated from non-conformance reports. Material and labor can be allocated to rework orders.

Tool Calibration

Tools can be setup for time or usage intervals. The tool used is tracked on the data collection system. With this information you can easily find out when this tool was used and for what jobs.