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Build customer relationships

Masterplan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to take charge of every aspect from interaction with your current customers to ensure quality customer service to generating new sales leads. Masterplan CRM allows you to communicate better with customers throughout the entire order process. Track each interaction with the potential sales leads through out the whole duration until the sale has been secured.

Lead Tracking

Easily track, qualify leads and convert them to a customer.


Properly following up with prospective customers is very important. All of the information you need about your prospects is found in one place.


Track the progression and stages while following up with your prospective customers. Opportunities can be automatically created from the quoting module. Likewise, creating a quote from an opportunity can be easily done.


Schedule your follow up correspondences within Masterplan CRM. Scheduling an activity with a lead is a breeze. Activity information can be private or shared across the whole sales team.

Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns Create marketing campaigns that can be sent through email or standard mailing. Alert your prospects and customers about new products, promotions and specials.