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Simplify material requirements planning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) allows you to properly plan your material needed to fulfill orders. Item planning methods can be setup different ways depending on your business requirements. The MRP Workbench is used to query the requirements based on certain creteria.


View the different exceptions that have occured with inventory levels. Some of the alerts are items with shortage, items with excess inventory, items with expired lot, production and sales orders past due.

Material Shortage

View items that are needed to be ordered or produced. You can easily see how many are on-hand, what the demand is and what quantities are currently planned.

MRP Workbench

The MRP Workbench is a planning tool that allows planning of your items. The supply and demand are taken into account and recommended orders are proposed


Order recommendations are a result of the MRP Workbench or an automatic MRP run. These recommendations can be easily converted to a production or purchase order depending on the procurement type.